4 Core considerations for selecting a software development company
4 Core considerations for selecting a software development company

May 19, 2021

4 Core considerations for selecting a software development company

In this new reality of hyperconnectivity, where humans depend most of the time on their computers, having the right software to run your business is essential to your success.

To build the most appropriate custom software that will take your business to new heights, you will need to select an ideal software development partner first.

To help you out with this, we have come up with four core criteria that you just cannot afford to ignore while selecting your customized software development company.

1. Define your technology needs

Before looking for a technology partner, you should be clear about the features and functionality you want in your software.

First, make a complete list of all software development requirements before holding the first meeting with your development partner.

Get the viewpoints of all stakeholders, which will include your lower-level employees, your managers, your senior management, people from various departments such as production, HR, IT, and understand their requirements. In this way, you can make software development a collaborative process in which everyone has a voice.

Don’t forget to make thorough market research and understand your customers’ needs.

If you are clear about your goals, it will help your software development team better understand your vision and, ultimately, they will develop custom software that meets all your needs.

At Clarika, we complement your team with the best talent to fit your needs and give you an exceptional outcome. These are our priorities. Know more about us.

2. Experience and technical expertise

Take a look at the work experience of the software development company. A great way to measure the company’s work experience is to look at the combined work experience of the team working there. See how many projects the company has worked on.

Check out our projects.

Software development is a constantly evolving profession, so developers at the top of their game are always striving to acquire new skills.

We guarantee talent match

Technology and synergy are in Clarika’s DNA. We bring on specialists that ensure an unparalleled mix of technical expertise, experience, and a positive attitude to every project.

3. Location & Time Zone

Location is not a barrier anymore when selecting your software development company. It’s perfectly fine if you choose to pick a company that is close by if you have time zone issues, although many software outsourcing companies will provide you with a team that can work in your time zone.

Our Latin American nearshore advantages reduce the risks of details about requirements and delivery expectations from slipping through the cracks. Video-conferencing and telephone calls are more effective when language and proximity barriers are smaller.

Your Nearshore Software Development Team Awaits for You.

4. Cost model

Price plays a vital role on which software development company you will eventually work with.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing software development abroad,has been to take advantage of cheaper rates found in developing countries. These outsourcing businesses allow tools, facilities, and technical staff to achieve their goals at a more moderate price than their U.S. counterparts. While nearshore sources may not be the cheapest price option, they do implement the highest ROI due to the extra benefits included in this list.

At Clarika we manage competitive costs and deliver Silicon Valley results that take your budget further.

Contact us now to discuss your needs and fit your budget.

Let us be your technology ally

Our work is synonymous with exceptional skills and consistent results. We focus on human capital, achieving the perfect fit for our clients. Your assigned team, from account management to software development, are trained in agile methodologies and will pave your way to success. We bring the best of Clarika to get the best out of you.

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