6 Features of great dedicated software developers
6  Features of great dedicated software developers

Jul 21, 2022

6 Features of great dedicated software developers

A dedicated team model is getting more popular among multiple enterprises as it gives them the possibility to get an extension of their software development facilities.

This model of cooperation involves hiring a development team that works exclusively on a specified project while clients can monitor the performed activities using their management staff.

In this article, we will cover 6 features of this model to help you consider it for your business.

1. Professionalism

The development team should have excellent programming skills. The dedicated developers should have a certain level of proficiency in related technologies.

Also, great development teams understand the importance of innovation and spend time on it. The team members are good at keeping up with technology trends and know how to use that in a pragmatic way to improve their performance. They know it’s necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

At Clarika, we work with certified SCRUM masters to guide team members to ensure a quick response to changes in requirements; adapting and learning as the products or market demand change and communicating openly and transparently.

2. Clear communication

Communication is the key to making any team function well. Encouraging healthy communication in teams induces effective processes, tools, and solutions.

With the help of it, we are building our relationship, setting goals, reviewing the process, discussing new opportunities, choosing the right tools, and so much more. Mainly, the product owner is the main person that keeps in communication with a dedicated team. The person who is mostly involved in communication with the client from the team is the project manager or the team lead.

3. Committed to the Goal

Setting clear and achievable goals is critical for any team. Before making long and short-term plans and giving the tasks to the team, ensure that everyone knows what are they aiming for at the end of the project. That’s how you build a software development team you can rely on, and an effective team you’re confident about.

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4. Clear roles & responsibilities

In order to function properly, the team needs to know all the aspects of the process, together with their duties, and responsibilities. It’s key to building a healthy team for custom software development.

The team members should also understand how their roles and responsibilities are related to the goals of the project. Everyone on your team has to be committed.

5. Agile approach

Things change during a project, especially, during a technology project. But if you work with Agile software development, you can easily adapt to change.

The agile approach to software development accelerates the speed of project delivery, improves the quality of the digital product, reduces risks, increases customer satisfaction, assures delivery with the business objective, and decreases IT costs. There is much more success chance when the team works with Agile frameworks.

At Clarika, we work agile, with certified scrum methodology, feature-driven creations, and lean software development. The clarity brought by Agile and the focus on delivering small features sooner in the development cycle help simplify definition and delivery by incrementally solving complex problems.

6. A strong culture

A strong culture is another common characteristic of great teams. Great team culture is not something you can force, it’s more the natural result of the all described above characteristics; it develops over time in the right environment.

Power your next project with top talent

At Clarika, we harness the best talent in South America with Agile methodology.

We offer dedicated project team members with a broad skill set, including bilingual engineers and project managers with extensive experience working with North American companies. Mobile and Web Development, Cloud, AI, UX/UI designers, and Quality Assurance are your full-time champions for the duration of a project, ensuring reliable delivery on time and on budget.

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