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Nearshore Angular Development Services
Multi-Platform Angular Web Development Services

Multi-Platform Angular Web Development Services

Angular web development across mobile and desktop devices creates user experiences that capture your customers’ loyalty. Our experienced Angular developers can meet your project needs for staff augmentation or turn-key solutions to rapidly develop, test, and implement robust, scalable solutions.

Increase your business’ growth by employing our engineers managed by Agile project management techniques. Let Clarika worry about technology training and software quality to enable you remain focused on your customers.

We offer TypeScript-based Angular development for a complete range of flexible solutions for web and mobile apps with creative, innovative, and mobile-first designs. Our knowledge and practical real-world experience with the Angular framework development help us deliver your cross-platform applications with reliability and exceptional performance. We can upgrade or downgrade between versions to meet the technical needs of your project.

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Our Angular Development Framework

Our Angular Development Framework
Why Choose Clarika as Your Angular Development Company?

Why Choose Clarika as Your Angular Development Company?

Experienced Inter-Disciplinary Teams

Angular web development experts accustomed to working with Fortune 100 and smaller companies and with the Angular community combined with SCRUM-certified project managers creates a winning combination ensuring your custom, highly-interactive applications work flawlessly on web and mobile.

Fast Go-to-Market

Using agile processes, we iterate through ever-changing requirements and keep you and your team informed and usable project components delivered early. Each day brings progress towards your business goals with a shared understanding of constraints including target dates and budget.

Project Visibility

Whether you work with Clarika as a complete outsourcing solution or use our top-skilled Angular developers to augment your inhouse team, we provide project visibility using modern-day technology including project management tools, and communications such as email, phone, and Skype in English (or Spanish if your preference).

Competitive Angular Development Rates

You get lower rates for skills difficult to hire inhouse. Plus, our experience in working with a variety of sizes of companies ensures that delivery is effective so you don’t pay for more hours than planned. Often, farshore outsourcing is not as cost-effective as you think because of cultural and time-zone differences. See what our Argentine team can do for your projects.

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Talk with Us about the Pros of Angular

Just a few reasons that Angular could be the right web and mobile app development tool for your next project:

Component-based architecture

Streamlines the development course engineers follow saving time and money while supporting rich user interface components with many moving parts. The architecture uses encapsulation that delivers benefits such as:

  • Reusability even at the enterprise level
  • Readability that promotes productivity for the newest team members
  • Unit-test friendliness
  • Superior maintainability offered by the ability to de-couple components for improved versions.

A superset of JavaScript that compiles to JS, but its structure prevents common errors when coding saving time and money. TypeScript’s improved navigation, autocompletion, and refactoring services over JavaScript are essential for the cleaner, higher-quality code demanded by enterprise-level applications.


sharing a codebase and engineering skills across web, iOS, and Android applications.

High-performance user experience

Angular web development employs improved hierarchical dependency injection (over Angular JS) to decouple components so that they may be run in parallel. Dependencies are managed in Angular using a separate tree structure that enables this high performance characteristic without reconfiguration of the components themselves.

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Talk with Us about the Pros of Angular