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Angular JS Software Development Outsourcing

As a top AngularJS development company, we offer resources with diverse coding and industry backgrounds and a variety of skill levels. We work with established corporations, start-ups, and other innovative companies to accelerate launching new ideas or revamping existing apps.

We can turn-key your entire project with end-to-end project management or augment your development team with AngularJS-experienced resources. Start today by talking with an account manager about your project needs.

AngularJS: A Go-To Framework

Front-end frameworks for some of the biggest enterprise apps with the most robust user experience designs were architected with Google’s AngularJS. Here are just a few: Netflix, Walmart, Upwork, Freelancer, JetBlue, and even PayPal’s checkout functionality. AngularJS delivers secure, extensible front-ends to bring the most creative of ideas to market faster.

It is our go-to framework for architecture of JavaScript applications, no matter the size. Its features help programmers and engineers to create high-performance enterprise web and mobile application front-ends with powerfully dynamic features and functionality.

Our cross-platform app development clients benefit from the ability to use the same technology stack (and sometimes code) to build both mobile and web app.

Our Software Developers Love AngularJS

And you will, too, because it delivers your performance-optimized app faster. Angular’s robust framework is an effective conduit when moving from Java and C# into JavaScript making it popular with all sizes of organizations and for developers of all sizes of applications. In fact, AngularJS is in the top 2 JavaScript frameworks in used by app developers today.

Our team of software creators, many with a background in C# and Java, have flourished with the Angular framework. In the JavaScript world, frameworks come and go, almost daily, but as Angular has stood the test of time in the industry and here at Clarika, our development team has deep and broad experience.

Some of our team’s favorite features benefit our clients’ projects:

  • Localization functionality is built in making multi-language applications and translation services easy to implement.
  • Support of MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture for faster development, optimized loading speeds, and flexibility to create new apps based on existing models with less code.
  • Development environment benefits from many ease-of-use features:
    • Unit testing is easy and more effective with “dependency injection” that passes all dependencies as parameters and with a number of specific AngularJS testing tools.
    • 2-way data binding feature invokes changes in the model with any changes made in view and likewise, changes in the model are updated to the view.


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