Challenges of Mobile App Development during the pandemic
Challenges of Mobile App Development during the pandemic

Jul 29, 2021

Challenges of Mobile App Development during the pandemic

Since the early months of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic curve started to shift upwards, the majority of the business sectors went online. This paradigm shift of businesses led to the increase in the popularity of mobile apps and hence the mobile app development market increased exponentially.

Be it news applications or ordering food online or shopping, etc., people turned to their mobile apps for their daily work. Studies also revealed that people spent 90% of their mobile time on apps. The global pandemic also had a significant impact on the growth of on-demand apps.

With mobile app development outsourcing, you can hire expert app developers with extensive experience in mobile app development services. Opting to outsource mobile app development services will not only help you include unique customer-centric features in the app, but it is also cost-effective.

A leading app development company will offer you a full range of dedicated mobile app developers. Over them, you can solve the problems up front and substantially reduce the app development time.

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Considering that the hired mobile app development company is not in the same space as your client, the clients would have less personal control. However, to overcome this situation, a good Project Manager can be helpful. Their flawless communication process will keep both app developers and clients on the same page throughout the mobile app development process.

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Let’s have a look at other impacts of the pandemic on mobile app development.

Custom Mobile App Development

The coronavirus pandemic brought some unprecedented change and compelled the developers to get out of their comfort zone. The outcome of this situation was surprisingly pleasing. The Top Mobile app developers developed some of the most versatile and custom mobile apps and added more exciting features to the existing apps to make them more customer-friendly.

Leading app development firms understood the importance of developing more customer-centric mobile apps for businesses to stay ahead in the competition. Moreover, businesses put more effort into their research process after the pandemic. It is done to understand the needs and wants of the targeted customers and provide them with apt solutions accordingly.

Increase in the security concerns

Most employees were forced to work from a remote location, there was a steep surge in data security concerns. Business organizations feared that cybercriminals could play with their data due to inadequate security, which could eventually cause a loss in the business.

As most of the primary mobile applications lacked encryption, there was a surge in the development of encrypted mobile apps. These apps became popular in a short period as mobile users could trust them with their data.

The other change was to include Artificial Intelligence technology to increase the security of the apps.

After considering some of the significant impacts that the pandemic had on mobile apps development services, it’s time to ask you: Is your business ready for a mobile app?

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