Clarika boasts perfect 5-Star rating on Clutch! | Clarika
Clarika boasts perfect 5-Star rating on Clutch!

Aug 28, 2019

Clarika boasts perfect 5-Star rating on Clutch!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve decided to partner with Clutch, a Washington, D.C.-based market research firm, to broadcast our services to a wider audience. Their industry-leading ratings and reviews platform gives readers valuable insights about business services providers across the globe. As an experienced and trusted software solution firm, we’re excited to join the ranks of other highly respected companies that are featured on the site.

Clutch demonstrates our value to potential clients through verified, case study-like reviews. Their team of dedicated business analysts interviews B2B customers as part of their comprehensive research methodology. Each review on our Clutch profile offers a look into what our clients experience when working with us.

Recently, we received three reviews from different clients in the healthcare and brewery Industry. One of these reviews describes an app development project that we completed for a medicine company.

For this project, we updated an app to improve our client’s customer service offering. Based on this review, it seems like our work has made a real impact!

“In the last months we passed from having 2,000 to 85,000 registered users in the app’s platform and more than 5,000 downloads just in the Android platform.”

Systems Manager, Private Medicine Provider

Our second review describes an ongoing software development partnership. Our client — a private hospital in Argentina — has collaborated with our team on a variety of projects. So far, we’ve built both a fee payment processing tool and an updated website.

The positive feedback that we received in this review is already motivating our team to keep delivering excellent services!

“They worked very close with our team, to satisfy our requirements, giving a great solution to our needs.” 

CIO, Private Hospital

Our third review describes the development of multiple marketing websites for notable third-party clients, including two major breweries.

This was the client feedback:

“Clarika demonstrated great teamwork, communicating consistently throughout the process. The sites are now live.”

One of the other benefits we receive from our Clutch partnership is access to their sister sites Visual Objects and The Manifest. Companies that are ranked highly on The Manifest are known for providing services that meet or exceed their clients’ expectations. If you find our portfolio on Visual Objects, you’ll see evidence of our ability to create remarkable products.

Here at Clarika, we differentiate ourselves by consistently delivering innovative solutions. Our products and services add real value to our customers, and our track record of engineering and design excellence is unparalleled. If you’re looking for a company that will help you meet your development goals, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We are always eager to hear about new projects!

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