Clarika Team Recognized for Excellent Customer Service in Clutch
Clarika Team Recognized for Excellent Customer Service

Oct 26, 2020

Clarika Team Recognized for Excellent Customer Service

Chances are, you’ve heard of offshore development. It’s a popular choice for companies looking to outsource their projects as well as cut costs.

But offshoring presents its challenges as well: opposite time zones and vast physical distances aren’t always feasible for certain business projects.

That’s where nearshoring comes in, and here at Clarika, we’ve been perfecting just that since 2007. We’ve seen nearshoring grow for the last 13 years, and have been proud to be located in one of the top Latin American locations for outsourcing.

Over the years, we’ve grown our skillsset and team to provide top-notch customer service. As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to work with companies from all over the world — and garner excellent feedback along the way.

Clarika partners with Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews site we use to track feedback from customers on our engagements. We’ve even earned a near perfect 4.8-star rating in the process!

In one of our most recent engagements featured on the platform, we provided UX and platform development services to a water pump manufacturer. Their team was impressed with our technical skill as well as our reliability and flexibility.

“Thanks to the platform we developed with Clarika, we’ve realized that these kinds of tools have been very useful. As a result, we’ve decided to develop more similar projects for more of our products. Our experience with them was very positive … Also, despite the time difference and different schedules, they were always available. We were able to adapt perfectly to it and to be even more efficient” — Digital Journey Regional Marketing Specialist, Grundfos

In another recent project, we designed a mobile app for an auditing software company. They were similarly satisfied with our services, praising our team’s creativity and collaborative nature.

“Clarika asked valuable questions about our expectations and the product. Their team also made suggestions to help us better reach our goals.” — COO,

We’re most successful when our clients are, so feedback like this is super valuable to us.

You can also find us listed on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site and another great resource for B2B vendors, company project descriptions, and news.

In the meantime, if you have a development need that you’re looking to take nearshore, we’re also available to hear from you. Contact us today!

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