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Effective Communication in Staff Augmentation

Jun 12, 2024

Effective Communication in Staff Augmentation

In the software development industry, companies seek to maximize resources and work efficiently. One way to do this is by hiring staff from nearby countries and outsourcing development.

However, the success of these strategies relies on effective communication. One effective strategy is to hire staff from nearby countries and outsource software development. But the success of these strategies depends on good communication.

This article explains how Clarika stresses the importance of good communication when working with companies like Revi. It also shows how better communication can benefit your business.

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

Nearshore staff augmentation involves hiring IT professionals from nearby countries to work for the main company. This allows for cost savings and access to specialized talent, while also benefiting from proximity and cultural compatibility. Outsourcing provides cost savings and access to specialized talent.

Being close geographically and culturally offers additional advantages. This combination makes communication and collaboration easier. This makes communication and collaboration easier.

Success Story: Clarika and Revi

Clarika, a leading software development company, has successfully collaborated with Revi, a provider of restaurant applications. Clarika has partnered with developers to work on creating restaurant-focused applications for iOS, Android, and web platforms. The key to this success has undoubtedly been effective communication.

Communication: The Pillar of Success

  1. Diversified Communication Channels: Clarika has maintained constant and smooth communication with Revi through various channels such as virtual meetings, emails, and messaging apps. This diversification of channels has ensured that any issue or doubt is quickly resolved, keeping the project on track without interruptions.
  2. Constant Availability: The Clarika team is always available for their clients, meaning any challenge or request can be addressed immediately. This constant availability has been crucial for maintaining client trust and satisfaction.
  3. Transparent Communication: Transparency in communication has allowed Revi to stay informed about project progress and any potential issues. This has facilitated informed and timely decision-making, which is essential in a dynamic software development environment.

Benefits of Effective Communication in Nearshore Staff Augmentation

  1. Reduction of Errors and Delays: Clear and constant communication helps prevent misunderstandings and errors, which in turn reduces project delivery delays.
  2. Greater Flexibility and Adaptability: Being in constant contact allows teams to quickly adapt to changes in project requirements or priorities.
  3. Building Trust: Transparency and availability build trust between partners, which is fundamental for successful long-term collaboration.


In nearshore staff augmentation and software development outsourcing, communication is key for successful collaboration, not just sharing information. Clarika’s experience with Revi is a clear example of how effective communication can lead to project success. To improve your software projects, try nearshore staff augmentation with a partner who values communication. It helps optimize resources and increase efficiency.

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