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We provide you with an autonomous team that can accomplish your business needs using Agile Scrum methodologies to deliver accelerated results risk-free, while you save costs, time, and stay productive.

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What we Offer

What we Offer

As a nearshore software development company, we harness the best talent in South America with Agile methodology.

We offer dedicated project team members with a broad skillset, including bilingual engineers and project managers with extensive experience working with North American companies. Mobile and Web Development, Cloud, AI and UX/UI designers, and Quality Assurance are your full-time champions for the duration of a project, ensuring reliable delivery on time and on budget.

Setting ourselves apart

  • Our Agile SCRUM-certified project managers improve efficiency and implement upgrades tailored to your goals.
  • Our bilingual engineers and project managers have experience relating to leadership and teams of North American companies.
  • Working with a nearshore team means our timezone aligns very closely with those of the US and Canada, making any process easier to execute and Clarika your ideal partner.
  • We offer flexible services, from modifying existing platforms to fully-customizable software development.
Our Expertise:

Our Expertise:

We work with certified SCRUM masters to guide team members to ensure a quick response to changes in requirements; adapting and learning as the products or market demand change, and communicating openly and transparently.

Clarika’s team is ready to partner with you. We help you define your technology skill requirements and meet your needs. We also help you control costs by using blended experience levels, matching junior and senior resources that are focused exclusively on your project, delivering outstanding results efficiently and at a great value.

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