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Firebase ML Kit

Jul 08, 2019

Firebase ML Kit

Firebase is a platform that brings together all kinds of tools to simplify the development of apps to help your business grow. It emerged some years ago as Google’s new and improved mobile development platform in the cloud. The idea of this platform is saving time in the development procedure and speed up the synchronization of data in the cloud in real-time. It allows reaching new users and strengthens their loyalty while saving time and increasing monetization. It supports various platforms such as Android, iOS, Web (Js), C ++, Unity, among others.

Firebase is based on intuitive APIs that help avoid the loss of time in the development of complex infrastructures. It also allows improving decision making thanks to Firebase Analytics, which provides a large amount of data about users and makes it possible planning based on intelligent predictions.

Since Google acquired it, in 2011, this platform has presented different improvements. The world we live in invites us to constantly update ourselves. Consumers expect that mobile applications should not only be intuitive but also provide powerful features and adapt constantly to new information. Machine learning has been fundamental to mobile development.

The advanced models of Machine Learning allow providing functions that improve the user experience. Some of the APIs work even without an internet connection.

The ML Kit presents a series of ready-to-use APIs

  • Text Recognition (On Device, Cloud):

* Translation.

             * Suggestions.

  • Face Recognition (On Device)

             * Validation of profile photo

             * Recognition of emotions

  • Object detection (On Device)

              * Search for objects in the store

  • Image description (On Device, Cloud)

              * Categorization of images

              * Content control

  • Auto ML Vision (On Device)

            * Customization of ML

  • Bar code reading (On Device) 
  • Identification of the main object (On Cloud)
  • Language identification (On Device)

               * Translation

  • Translation (On Device)
  • Smart Reply (On Device)

* Support

              * Content autocompletion

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