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Flutter Development Services
Flutter Development Services

Flutter Development Services

Looking for Flutter developers to take on your next next-gen cross-platform application development project? Or perhaps you need Flutter-experienced team members to augment your current development staff?

We receive requests for Flutter-skilled developers from a lot of people responsible for IT staffing and outsourcing. The development skills gap that is growing at the moment is a trend that is accelerated in the mobile application developer realm. Especially with newer technologies like Flutter, finding competent mobile app developers continues to be hard to achieve.
The reputable statistics portal, Statista, predicts the 2020 worldwide mobile app market will net near $200 billion. It is hard enough to find skilled development professionals in tried-and-true areas like .Net development [link to .Net landing page], but with freshly minted frameworks such as Google’s Flutter, it is much harder. That is where Clarika comes in. Our team is always looking for its next challenge and could not wait to explore Flutter. We were not disappointed when we test-drove this new next-gen app development toolset. We know that this toolset will continue to bring incredible value to our clients who outsource their mobile application development to us.

Our Flutter Experience

Google’s open-source software development kit (SDK), Flutter, addresses the time-consuming and expensive cross-platform mobile application development challenges of the currently prevalent native approach:

  • Differing development speeds and skill sets needed for the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Adapting feature implementation to the anomalies of each of the platforms.
  • Maintaining two code bases (mostly).

Our eagerness to adopt new technologies that help us build apps better and faster and at lower costs paid off with Flutter. We find this tool’s benefits far outweigh the few challenges. A few technical highlights of why our team loves Flutter and you will, too:

  • UI components render extremely fast in high-definition reliably across platforms.
  • Pre-compiled code optimizes performance improving your app users’ experience.
  • Developing apps using small reusable components that react to a change in “state” creates a framework for faster development.
  • The technology is easy-to-use and is built to boost productivity with well-thought-out developer features including, Dart (Flutter’s simple programming language) and built-in unit testing for UI interactions.
  • Google provides competent, timely support.
Our Flutter Experience

Trust Your Custom Flutter Developed Mobile App to Us

We offer end-to-end project management using Agile SCRUM techniques to accelerate the already faster time-to-market delivery of Flutter apps. Our experienced Flutter developers are ready to handle your custom next-gen mobile app development or work as dedicated resources to extend your existing app development team.

Lean on Clarika to cut your costs and deliver high quality results. Let’s talk about your Flutter development needs today.