4 Questions you should ask yourself when looking for a software development partner
4 Questions you should ask yourself when looking for a software development partner

Feb 22, 2021

4 Questions you should ask yourself when looking for a software development partner

If you are a VP of systems, Product Owner, CEO, Recruiting Manager, or IT Consultant who wants to Outsource in Argentina you are in the right place.

Probably you should consider two main factors before going out to outsource: the budget you have and recommendations on b2b sites that show the reputation, ranking, and reviews of companies in the sector such as Clutch, Goodfirms, or Designrush

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However, if you are an IT manager of a company, you know that there are many other considerations to take into account.

Here are four key questions that may inspire you while selecting a technology partner:

1- Is their development process compatible with mine?

It is essential to talk about the process and make sure you understand it in the same way. Don’t stop at the single work methodology points that the hiring company uses as Agile or Scrum. Be sure you ask some detailed questions about it: What are the responsibilities of each team member? Who’s taking care of quality assurance? Who’s responsible for preparing documentation? What’s my role, as the client, in this process?
Exchanging that knowledge with the supplier, especially when we’re talking about a long-term partner, means one very important: you can use some of their expertise to improve your existing processes. It’s a win-win situation.
Another main factor to take into account is your in-house team. Are the cultures of both teams compatible? Time zone? Do we speak the same language? You can learn more in this article about 7 advantages of Nearshore Software development.

2- Does my budget fit the need for outsourcing?

Try to gather as much data as possible about what you are getting for the price you are asking, especially if you are looking for a long-term development partner. It is important to consider the working time, cost per hour, and the number of team members dedicated to your project.

Also, you might consider the needs from the beginning. It will not be the same price if you require a canned product or standard products.
Something really important for people looking to outsource services in Argentina is the US exchange rate. At Clarika, we manage competitive costs with Silicon Valley results that take your budget further.

3- How will we handle setbacks and problems?

Let’s be honest and realistic – every software development project faces some problems at some point. It’s inevitable.

At Clarika, when the client does not have the technical detail, we provide a service that includes a requirements analysis, a development team proposal, and a solution the client needs.

We guarantee transparency and provide exceptional professionals who understand you.

4- So, what’s the gain from having a development team?

It’s super important to feel good with your chosen partner in the first place. You may have a different approach, but definitely, this will be a valuable investment. These are the main points of gain you can get from working with a development team as Clarika:

  • Project implementation
  • Enhance the company’s profitability
  • Innovation and new ideas
  • Access to new technologies
  • Positioning in the market
  • Better work speed
  • Planning better growth
  • Having a dedicated team for on-demand development
  • Technological partner

Bonus: What does it mean for Clarika to be a technological partner?

We care about our partners and about the project we are part of. Therefore, we make sure to:

  • Provide technical advice on your needs
  • Improve project performance 
  • Stay updated about the technology stack evolution
  • Suggest improvements for the project
  • Replace a member of the team in case of leave
  • Provide a technical leader and Scrum master for all projects
  • Training plans, motivation, and constant follow-up

Our Purpose? At Clarika, we help companies grow by improving processes and creating next-level solutions through technology. We listen and understand what the client wants in order to start the staffing process. For us, it is very important to get to know the technical requirements, and also the culture and values of our client.

Get your own proposal, customized specifically for your business needs. Contact us today.

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