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Mobile Development Services
Let’s Pioneer the Future of Mobile Development Together

Let’s Pioneer the Future of Mobile Development Together

The future of mobile development has arrived. The online statistics portal, Statista, reports that there are more than 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world...that’s almost half of the global population. Then add to that tablets approaching 2 billion worldwide, and it is easy to see that explosive demand for business, entertainment, health, and all sorts of functionality in the hip pocket is the new norm. Is your business ready for that? Are you falling behind?

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Our Mobile Development Services

Clarika’s innovative approach combines agile SCRUM project management techniques, top-down and detailed business analysis, custom user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, and quality assurance and testing.

Our in-house mobile development teams are comprised of experienced front-end specialists: UX design professionals, visual designers, as wells as software engineers with deep native or hybrid development experience according to your requirements.

Our mobile-first design strategies deliver cross-platform mobile development to mobilize your website for:

  • Apple iOS Mobile Development for the iPhone & iPad
  • Google Android Mobile Development.

Some count Android out, but every day, more mobile device makers adopt this platform. Android-friendly devices reach a growing number of consumers.

Our Mobile Development Services
Why Work with Clarika’s Mobile Development Team?

Why Work with Clarika’s Mobile Development Team?

Here are a few things that set us apart from other mobile development providers:

  • Agile mobile development project methodology for transparent and collaborative communication between clients and team.
  • Client-centered approach with customer satisfaction at the core of our focus.
  • Proven track record of successful project and engagement delivery.
  • Senior developers and designers leading a blended team for excellent rates while maintaining high quality and superior innovation.
  • Competitive rates for our entire suite of mobile developers and project managers.
  • Rigorous testing before releasing to market.

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Is Your Company Meeting Mobile Users Demands?

It is not news that mobile usage is taking over around the globe. But what some may not realize is that not only are the number of mobile searches increasing, but also, the amount of time people spend on their mobile device over their desktop computers is a whopping 200+%. So not only are more and more searches being completed on smartphones and tablets, but these devices are the search method of choice by many measures. see image idea below

Is your company catching that wave? Not sure? We can help! Our mobile development company has years of experience helping companies like yours determine their needs based on the customers they serve. And, then our crackerjack team of engineers, designers, and project managers bring the vision to the rapidly expanding world of mobile.

Is Your Company Meeting Mobile Users Demands?
Mobile Stats to Astound You

Mobile Stats to Astound You

Let’s look at one specific very short event to illustrate that mobile is king.Practical Ecommerce reports that smartphone sales on 2019’s Black Friday (a US tradition of having the year’s biggest retail sales of the year the day after Thanksgiving) were US$2.9 billion. This was the largest-ever for mobile shopping spike and the mobile ecommerce sales were up 21% over the previous year. Sixty-one percent of all retail website traffic came from mobile devices, and 39% of all ecommerce sales were made on a smartphone. Those are really big percentages representing even bigger gains for the companies that were poised to take advantage of these trends.

Here are some more mobile statistics that reiterate the point that mobile development services are not a some-day consideration for companies trying to compete:

  • Mobile search overtook desktop search in 2016...4 years ago!
  • January 2019 experience 4.4 billion active internet users of which 3.5 billion were using social media.
  • In 2018, 78% of the US population used smartphones.
  • Global mobile data traffic is forecast to increase from 7 exabytes per month in 2016 to 49 exabytes per month by 2021. (That is 1 billion gigabytes of data...per month!)
  • As smartphones become more powerful, desktop search traffic sinks.
  • The majority of video streaming is watched on a mobile device.
  • Mobile internet has grown 504% in daily media consumption since 2011.

What will 5G bring? More digital disruption! Just think what you could not do only a few years (or months) ago. Hungry? Don’t drive or dial, order online...from your phone or tablet. Need a ride? Of course, there is an app for that. Looking for that perfect gift? Mostly likely you are searching from your phone, perhaps sitting in a park or riding the bus home from work.

Are you ready for this next wave of mobile search and functionality? Were you already behind?