Our nearshore software development company leverages the best talent in South America.

Tap into a great resource pool!

Our Nearshore Services

Our nearshore software development services offer dedicated project team members with a broad skillset to competently deliver your next custom web or mobile application.

Here’s how we stand out from other software development outsourcing solutions:

  • Software development processes including Agile SCRUM certified project managers to assure reliable delivery on-time and within budget.
  • Experienced bi-lingual engineers and project managers with experience relating to leadership and teams of North American companies.
  • Same time zones as US and Canada.
  • More culturally similar to North American companies than far shore outsourcing companies.
  • Flexible service offerings from customizing existing platforms to completely custom software development.
  • Deep knowledge of a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, frameworks, and platforms offered.

Full-Service Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation?

Our experienced account and project managers assist your team with defining the services needed and what fits your organization. Whether you require a single project delivered exclusively by Clarika or just need to fill in missing experience or technologies on your existing team, we help you build a team that can deliver your business needs.

Technical Skills and More

Software development expertise goes beyond programming skills. Our engineers and project managers completely understand that the programming is only as good as how well the application requirements and user experience models are defined and tested. Our team helps your organization effectively prepare for the outsourcing engagement or staff augmentation and our project managers use industry best practices to guide your Clarika application development team to define and deliver the custom software as expected, on-time, and on budget.

Our developers have broad skill sets that enable us to scale up or down to your project’s needs. We also have worked with a variety of outsourcing company sizes from some of the US’ largest companies such as McDonald’s, Budweiser, and Visa as well as other well-known small and large Latin American brands.

Nearshore Has Advantages

Every outsourcing region from offshore India centers to our Latin American nearshore resources offers different advantages. We invite you to consider our English-speaking engineers and project managers along with a similar Western culture will keep productivity high. Also, our time zone is only a few hours different from North American time zones making it easier to communicate effectively.

Our Latin American nearshore advantages reduce the risks of details about requirements and delivery expectations from slipping through the cracks. Video-conferencing and telephone calls are more effective when language and proximity barriers are smaller.

Your Nearshore Software Development Team Awaits You

We are ready to partner with you to help you define your technology skill requirements and fill them from our deep team. We help you control costs by using blended experience levels matching junior and senior resources to economically deliver your project as specified.



We have a team ready waiting for your project