How effective is offshore software development?
How effective is offshore software development?

Mar 10, 2021

How effective is offshore software development?

We get it…” offshore” sounds scary. So far away. Will you have control? Will your projects suffer from poor communication? How will your outsourced team get along with your in-house team?

Offshoring is not only cost-effective but a requirement for many US and Canadian companies who cannot find the technical expertise needed to catch up to or leap ahead of the disruptive technologies that permeate most industries. So the question facing CTOs and technical leadership in North America is not whether to outsource or not, but how to outsource effectively.

For our North American neighbors, we can help you overcome those challenges. Here are a few reasons why Clarika should be your offshore software development company.

Similar Culture

Argentina, where most of our staff is located, is unique among LATAM countries with very European culture. Our capital, Buenos Aires, is referred to by many as the Paris of South America. We live and work in more European culture than our counterparts in other South American countries.

How does this help you? Our team members easily integrate with your in-house teams and leadership as they have fewer cultural differences to navigate. Faster acclimation to your company and its in-house technical teams means less frustration and bigger paybacks in time savings.

Work Hours

While the follow-the-sun approach using time zones 8+ hours different from your in-house team has advantages for product and application support, the disparate time zones rarely, if ever, benefit development projects. The collaborative creativity demanded by innovative development projects means constant communication in your time zone. We tend to start work later making our workdays align with North American time zones, including a natural significant overlap with the Pacific time zone.

Agile Delivery

Our certified agile project managers and experienced iterative development IT resources offer the benefits of reduced risks and accelerated time-to-market that makes our offshore software development rates an even bigger bargain. The inherent collaboration of the SCRUM-based methodologies further increase creativity and boost problem-solving capabilities enabling your offshore team to quickly pivot as required by changing requirements.


We invest in the continual refreshment of our teams’ technical skills. Plus, working for a variety of industries and innovative applications gives us the experience that can give you a competitive edge that you cannot achieve with your in-house team experience mostly with your company’s applications and environment. From mobile app development to web development to UI/UX design and testing, we provide integrated teams for a full-cycle software development experience which is far superior to utilizing freelancers or resources from multiple outsourcing companies.

Let’s Talk About a Partnership.

Software Development Services

Clarika’s software development services have helped Fortune 500 companies such as McDonald’s, Budweiser, and Visa, accelerate their IT projects for market-facing mobile and web development and improve internal processes via innovative apps.

We can help you, too! As your technology partner, we can help you from concept to delivery providing experienced guidance at every stage of the product or app development cycle. Work with us to improve your software products and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Our flexible engagement model offers your company fixed-price turnkey projects, time-and-material project resources, or retainer-based contracts. Acquire the IT skills you need in a pricing model that fits your business objectives.

Selecting Us as Your Offshore Software Development Company

Our repeatable, proven project management and IT delivery processes set us apart from other offshore software development companies. Talk with us about the availability of IT resources for your next project and the framework we use for reliable delivery.

Talk With Us.

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