Remote Work: Time management tips for developers
Remote Work: Time management tips for developers

Sep 30, 2022

Remote Work: Time management tips for developers

It’s so easy, especially in this era, to be distracted or procrastinate. Between conversations on different channels, a phone with endless scrolling potential, and a propensity to check our inbox, there always seemed to be something to distract us.

So, at Clarika we took it upon ourselves to remember and consider how we could be more productive. Therefore, we share some time management tips for developers.

1. Have a plan

For most people, planning skills come naturally, but some people need to develop them to identify what should be their next priority is. Planning will make your week much more comfortable as you don’t need to worry constantly about what needs to be done first.
Developing realistic short-term and long-term goals and giving yourself a time limit is a simple strategy that works well for all. Create a to-do list using pen and paper or just use your smartphone device. Pick whatever suits you.

2. Go off-grid

In this digital age, it’s easy to feel as if you have to be switched on and available 24/7 but it’s quite healthy to embrace quieter periods.
Allow yourself time away from the mobile phone, when appropriate, to focus all of your energy on the project at hand.
Try to mute your notifications, stay away from your emails and hide your phone during work sprints.

3. Track Time

One of the most important time management strategies for developers is consciously tracking time. You can do this via your mobile phone by setting alarms, which notify you of hours or minutes gone. This way, you can check what you’ve achieved against the time you’ve spent. If you notice you are behind schedule, you can step up your work rate and cut down the break times you have in between.
You can also use time management software, which is applicable for office settings and personal use. If you are a software development manager, you can also manage remote developers with time management software to ensure productivity is maintained.

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4. Focus on one thing at a time

Be realistic with yourself and your abilities. One of the fastest ways to mismanage time is by jumping on too many tasks at once. Yes, multitasking is a skill every software developer should have. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you will achieve more by handling more than one thing at the same time.

Once you have a proper plan and you have divided your project into small tasks, jump on each individual. Avoid having too many screens and trying to work on multiple aspects of your project at the same time.

5. Communicate

You can only stay organized if you commit to communicating and connecting with your co-workers.
If you find yourself struggling with anything whilst working remotely, do speak up as you would if you were in the same area as your team members. Remote work doesn’t mean you aren’t an important part of a wider team who are there to support you.

6. Have a break

It’s common for developers to get lost in hours of coding. However, on the verge of trying to finish on time try not to fall into the trap of burning out. You’d only end up wasting more time. Therefore, inculcate a regular break within your work plan.
Yes, you can adjust your break if you find that your productivity is dropping significantly. Still, you need a refreshed mind from time to time. Apart from taking adequate rest, an exercise routine is not a bad idea. You also want to make sure you have a hobby outside coding, which will serve as a means of getaway from time to time.

7. Delegate

If you’re juggling too many tasks at once or you feel a little overwhelmed by a particular job, it’s good to learn to delegate tasks to your colleagues.
By managing your time on a team level, as well as individually, you’ll promote much more successful outcomes and you’ll all be on the same page when it comes to expectations.

8. Routine

If spontaneity is feeding into your ability to procrastinate, you could try being more specific with your time to see if that helps.
Look at your weekly schedule and block out time for specific activities. Think about the most appropriate times to dedicate yourself to recurring tasks and you may find yourself settling into a neat little routine.
Things will crop up from time to time that clash with your scheduling, however, so make sure you make allowances for any unforeseen issues.

In short

It’s a common fact that time waits for no one and procrastination is common among many professionals, including developers. So the only way to not run out of time is to adopt effective time management methods to keep you on top of your game and maintain productivity.

You can adopt as many time management tips as possible including the ones not listed here. Still, you need to find and adopt what mode of work is best for you.

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