The 7 best team management software for top performance
The 7 best team management software for top performance

Aug 25, 2021

The 7 best team management software for top performance

Managers have a considerable job and finding the right tools for their needs takes time, research, trial, and error. Managers have to get all team members heading in the same direction and motivate each individual to contribute their part.

To do a good job they have to keep everything clear, documented, organized, and accessible, both for their team and superiors.

So, to help you find the tools you need, here is a list with a short description of what we consider in our experience the 7 best team management software for top performance.

1. Jira: total work management software

The number 1 software development tool, Jira can be used as a project management app by all types of teams for planning and producing great work. Build project cards filled with all the employees’ information to get the job done and connect team boards with higher-level product roadmaps. This is also a great way to get teams to adopt similar work methods, and align them with the greater goals.

2. Trello: a simple task management tool

Trello is an excellent task management software for teams of all sizes. A simple tool to help your team organize their projects and oversee their collective workload at a glance. You can assign tasks, create a task list, and move project cards from ‘to do’ to ‘doing’ to ‘done’. It also helps you see everything you’re working on at a glance and feel the satisfaction of completing each task. Trello offers free and paid options depending on the size of your team and the complexity of your work.

3. Asana: for managing complex projects

Asana is a more robust project management software, with options for different types of teams. It also has multiple view options and features, like reporting, timelines, calendars, project boards, and more. Free and paid options are available for different team sizes and needs.

4. Softstart: onboarding software for new hires

Softstart sets every new team member up for success by connecting them with the people, tools, and knowledge they’ll need to get started. The software is built to focus on company culture and team spirit, so people get the technical and human onboarding experience they need — even on remote or distributed teams. Sign up for free and test it out.

5. Toggl Track: time and task tracking software

Toggl Track helps you understand and analyze where your team is investing their time, and how you can optimize it together. They’re on a mission to help teams and individuals work smarter and save both time and money. Boost performance and team productivity so your team can do their best work. You can sign up for free or book a demo to see the best plan for your team.

6. Miro: virtual creativity and collaboration tool

Miro is an essential collaboration tool if your team is into virtual, asynchronous collaboration and planning. It’s great for creative teams and every remote team, distributed team, or in-person team. The online whiteboard has templates to build maps, frameworks, flowcharts, and more. Or, you can create your board with post-its, shapes, and frames. Then vote, set timers, and leave comments to elaborate and finalize your plan. Free and paid versions are available depending on your needs.

7. Slack: centralize internal and team communication

Slack has individual messaging, channels, group chats, workflows, and integrations available for all the top workplace software. These features help you streamline team communication and ensure important information is communicated effectively to your team. Select a pricing plan that’s right for your team or organization.

Of course, this is not a definitive list, surely others can be added or new tools will appear to help teams. We will keep updated to share more!

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