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User Experience: Why is it so valuable for your business?

Aug 03, 2020

User Experience: Why is it so valuable for your business?

We want to share with you some concepts and elements necessary for its implementation in companies.

The term “UX” is becoming more and more common, and even though many use it to refer to the simple and functional design of a site or app, it goes much further.

Let’s start by differentiating two concepts that are often mixed up. On one side we have the term UX, which comes from User Experience. It is basically how a person feels while using any digital product or service that a company offers.

On the other side, we have a UI term. Its expression refers to User Interface. The idea of UI consists of guiding the user through an application during the time he is using it.

If the UI guides the user and how to use the site or application, the role of the UX is to make the navigation enjoyable.

Now, that we’ve differentiated these terms, let’s focus on UX.

Why is it so important to have UX processes in your business?

One of the main factors is a large number of users with unfilled expectations and many investments with no ROI.

When companies take into account this, they begin to worry and pay attention to UX. That’s when the idea of experience design appears as a differential factor.

Implementing a User Experience process can benefit several areas in a company, such as the development and marketing teams that achieve a better understanding of who the users are and what their needs are.

Also, UX requires research, data architecture, content strategy, and interaction design. Each part contributes to giving people what they really need.

The User Experience works at different levels, achieving important results.

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Some benefits of implementing UX:

Increase sales

Having specific information about who your “buyer” is and how they behave will help you connect better, generate positive experiences, and motivate your buying process in an organic way.

Get new customers

If your platform knows how to reach the audience it will be useful, if it is useful it will become relevant, and if it is relevant more people will know about it. A key is to always think about the user so that the interaction flows as naturally as possible.

Save development costs

With UX you have the certainty that you are working on a project with well-grounded objectives and clear ways to meet the needs of the user. This avoids that the platform is re-worked for mistakes that could be detected before.

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Improve web optimization

Google’s algorithms give preference to sites that are optimized and provide valuable content over those that are not. Therefore, it will be easier to position your project page in the search engine.

PageSpeed Insights by Google is one of the most used tool to test websites speed.

Thus, UX not only helps solve your users’ problems but also strengthens your business.

If you are looking to implement UX processes in your next website or mobile application, feel free to contact us.

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