What sets apart great programmers?
What sets apart great programmers?

Aug 25, 2022

What sets apart great programmers?

Today, the software development industry is one of the most popular professional sectors in the world. To be hired, developers must cultivate specific skills and techniques in addition to their technical ability.

Good programmers can write code that can run without errors. However, it’s not just about being an expert in a language or having specific training.

While understanding code is the first step to success for software developers, there is much more to becoming a great programmer.

In this post, we’ll share seven qualities that will help you become a great programmer and boost your software development career.

1. Positive attitude towards work

A great programmer has a dedicated work ethic that aligns perfectly with the team’s workflow. They are optimistic about their work and appreciate their fellow team members.

Great programmers don’t need constant supervision. They have the skills and the right mindset to get their tasks done within the timeframe.

You have to instill the confidence within your superiors to trust you with more than just your tasks.

2. Time management

Solving technical problems, thinking of creative solutions, or learning new information takes time. Thus, effectively organizing your time to produce quality work is one of the most crucial qualities of a professional software engineer.

Here is a checklist that can help you to manage your time:

✔ Create a plan.
✔ Focus on important tasks.
✔ Break complicated projects into smaller chunks.
✔ Delegate.
✔ Planning disruptive periods when you can check other things.
✔ Avoid multitasking.
✔ Self-discipline.

3. Tools & Strategies

There are several tools available to make working easier. They help collaboration and project coordination so that your job is not hampered. Popular technologies used by software engineers while working from home or at the office are Slack, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, GitHub, Trello, Cisco Webex, Asana, InVision, CodePen, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Moreover, it is essential to have a good office and workstation arrangement. Some aspects to take into account could be:

✔ Start with having a nice environment to work in.
✔ Your surroundings should be devoid of distractions.
✔ If you work remotely, you’ll need a good camera and microphone for clear communication with your team.
✔ A fast computer capable of handling your everyday task.

4. Communication skills

Efficient communication is one of the most crucial qualities of a skilled software engineer. It helps them establish themselves as valuable team players and become an integral part of highly functional remote workforces.

Essentially, if the software developer is the one who can help solve the client’s issue with technology, it’s wiser to let the developer communicate directly with the client.

With this approach, software developers need to be capable of explaining technical concepts in a practical and relatable manner to non-technical people.

5. Open to feedback

Building a friendly environment where you welcome constructive feedback is crucial to improving your technical and soft skills.

Great programmers leverage feedback from clients and fellow remote software developers to gain an in-depth insight into improving their performance.

Furthermore, it’s equally essential to be proactive about sharing your feedback with your team.

6. Connect with developers in a community

Great programmers always keep track of technological trends and have the habit of learning new things that help them grow.

Joining a software developer community will help you may learn more, solve problems, create learning opportunities, and build a network.

7. Adjusting with Time-Zones

Remote work is a common way for software developers and one of the biggest challenges is the worldwide time difference. Most businesses desire to connect with their offshore developers in real-time so that they can fix concerns as soon as possible.

As a result, you must plan your meetings and other follow-up activities properly and have a flexible work schedule that they can readily adapt to accommodate clients’ time zones.

How to be a great programmer? Summary

Working as a software developer is a rewarding career choice. Today, to develop a successful career, engineers must have the necessary skill set, expertise, and experience. Also, they need to challenge themselves to become a successful developer.

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