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    What We Do

    Digital transformation
    Digital transformation

    Update and innovate your company’s business processes to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and become an industry leader.

    Delivery teams
    Delivery teams

    We provide you with an autonomous team that can accomplish your business needs using Agile Scrum methodologies to deliver accelerated results risk-free, while you save costs, time, and stay productive.

    Staff augmentation
    Staff augmentation

    We offer pools of talented bilingual engineers, developers, UX/UI designers, and scrum masters working directly as a part of your team on a daily basis.

    Our client experiences


    "The experience with Clarika was great".

    Ab Inbev

    Clarika's team responded quickly and managed the project effectively. The site was delivered as expected. Their fast response times were impressive.

    >ZX Ventures
    ZX Ventures

    We started working with Clarika on the development of a new website. From the first moment, we noticed a difference and quality in its “ways of working” applying scrum methodology in an orderly, efficient, and very productive way. They have a highly prepared and professional team, showing progress in time and form, and above all causing improvements and adding value in each of the group reviews. As a customer, you feel calm and satisfied that we are in good hands. As a result, we continue working with more complex objectives and the result is the same: professionalism, quality, and fulfillment of expectations.

    Calidad Ai

    Clarika was a great collaborative partner. Questions and requests always arrived in our inbox with plenty of time to review them before our stand up the following day. The team had detailed and insightful questions that both identified new functional scenarios but also improved on early design concepts and prototypes based on user feedback. The communication was very clear and we felt no impact from the time difference or distance. Having worked with teams in Europe and Asia previously, working with Clarika felt much easier. We are very happy with our results and look forward to working with Clarika in the future.


    The team successfully delivered the final mobile apps for iOS and Android, which are now available for users. They demonstrated proactivity in problem-solving, which yielded a seamless workflow and collaboration. They show a strong level of commitment from her formidable team.

    Sanatorio Allende
    Sanatorio Allende

    Clarika improved the experience and results of fee payments. The team created an up-to-date website that presents a modern image of the business. They developed industry knowledge, which fostered collaboration to ensure the products were satisfactory.

    Universidad Siglo 21
    UES 21

    We made a very good project plan together, they always met the deliverables, there was very good communication between our teams. The application is very intuitive and integrates with the LMS (learning management system). They responded well to our questions and accompany us with a support service. Very satisfied with Clarika.


    After many mistakes with technology providers we found Clarika. In addition to being excellent at developing software, understood how to became a strategic technological partner for the future of our company.


    Since rolling out the new features to the app, unique users of the app have skyrocketed from 2000 to nearly 85,000 while maintaining an average rating of over 3 stars. The Clarika team communicated effectively, keeping the process simple and continuously pushing for better results from the project. Their drive to innovate, and that translates to a better experience for our users.